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Aussie Smoker Signature Essentials


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This Hamper brings together some of the essential range from the Aussie Smoker.  Perfect for the BBQ fan who wishes to try out new flavours. 

Adam is an Australian living in Falmouth, Cornwall after starting as a BBQ fan he has become pitmaster of his own catering firm.  The products he has created are those which he uses in his own kitchen. 

Signature BBQ sauce – This is the type of sauce you would find in the outback of Australia.   Adam’s Signature BBQ sauce is rich and mild tasting. 

Signature BBQ oil – Bringing the essence of BBQ, Adam’s Signature Oil is a specific blend of dry spices, locally cold pressed into a mouth-watering oil by his friends at Hard Pressed Cornwall. 

Chilli BBQ jam – BBQ’d chillies turned into a smokey, mild and sweet chilli jam.  Perfect with cheese or on your favourite pizza, cheese sandwich and many other foods.

BBQ Rub – Adam’s signature blend of spices to be used all year round. Just add salt to flavour.