A Gift from Cornwall

Halzephron Cornish Stout BBQ Sauce



Halzephron is one of our traditional brands.

A taste sensation, with each taste you experience a different flavour.

First the umami, a super savoury hit and then you get the warmth from the Cornish Stout and finally a subtle sweetness

You can use this sauce as a marinade for chicken, ribs and pork, or just enjoy as a side with sausages, the choice is yours.

This sauce is to good to save just for your summer BBQ, enjoy this all year round.


Chopped Tomato (tomato, tomato juice, acidity regulator, citric acid),  Sugar, St Austell Brewery Mena Dhu Stout 16% (contains BARLEY malt (GLUTEN) , Cider Vinegar, Honey,Tomato Puree (tomato, salt), Red wine vinegar (SULPHITES) Worcestershire Sauce (malt vinegar, (BARLEY), spirit vinegar, molasses, sugar, salt, ANCHOVIES (FISH), tamarind extract, onion garlic, spice, flavouring), Onion, Salt, Smoked flavour, Garlic, Cloves, Cayenne Pepper.