A Gift from Cornwall

Hugo’s Breakfast Cornish Bircher Muesli



Originating at Hugo Woolley’s award winning bed and breakfast-hotel, where Hugo started to put together parcels of mueslis and granolas for guests to enjoy at home, his cereals proved such a success that Hugo’s Breakfast was born to supply quality cereals to consumers throughout the country and they are now made in our 5 star rated purpose built cereal kitchen in deepest Cornwall.

Hugo’s Cornish Bircher Müesli, their version of the original Swiss Muesli, with roasted nuts, a hint of vanilla, mixed with our special blend of dried fruit, oats and crunchy wheat flakes, for tasty, creamy muesli.   Serve with milk or fruit juice.   For a really creamy muesli, soak for as long as possible and just before eating, chop some fresh apples and/or pears and add some honey for sweetness.