A Gift from Cornwall

Hugo’s Breakfast Cornish Summer Muesli



Originating at Hugo Woolley’s award winning bed and breakfast-hotel, where Hugo started to put together parcels of mueslis and granolas for guests to enjoy at home, his cereals proved such a success that Hugo’s Breakfast was born to supply quality cereals to consumers throughout the country and they are now made in our 5 star rated purpose built cereal kitchen in deepest Cornwall. 

Hugo’s Cornish Summer Muesli is our new product launched at Expowest 2019.  A sophisticated nut free blend of tangy freeze-dried summer fruits, with our own extra crunchy hand-baked blackcurrant barley flakes, wheat flakes, oats and other delicious dried fruits.  When you’re dreaming of sandy toes and salty kisses and remembering glorious summer days in Cornwall, then wherever you are, reach for a box of our very latest cereal and bring it all back.