A Gift from Cornwall

The Cornish Variety Hamper Box


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This Cornish hamper is for those that like to try a little bit of everything. From chutney to jams and from tomato ketchup to fudge, this gift box has it all.

The lucky recipient can enjoy both sweet and fruity Cornish ale chutney and sharp citrus marmalade.

Condiments are included  as well, a smoky BBQ sauce, delicious Cornish ketchup where the tomatoes are grown here in Cornwall, and spicy coronation mayonnaise. 

Included are a couple of sweet treats; creamy salt caramel fudge and cream tea flavoured milk chocolate.

Your Cornish hamper box will be hand wrapped and presented in an attractive  box. To add the finishing touch your gift will be hand tied with ribbon.


  • Halzephron Herb Farm Cornish Ale Chutney
  • Halzephron Herb Farm Citrus Marmalade 
  • Halzephron Herb Farm Coronation Mayonnaise
  • Halzephron Herb Farm BBQ Sauce
  • Cornish Ketchup Company- Original Tomato Ketchup
  • Roskilly’s Salt Caramel Fudge
  • Kernow Chocolate Cream Tea Milk Bar