A Gift from Cornwall

Cornwall still Magical

Posted on: 18th December 2023

Five years ago some friends introduced us to Cornwall by allowing us  to stay with them at their holiday home. We were introduced to the beautiful scenery, the coastal walks, and great Cornish food and drink. A month later after Jackie was made redundant, we decided to change our lives and move to Cornwall.

We chose Falmouth as a place to start looking for a business, and this has proven to be a good decision. Falmouth is a vibrant town with Cruise ships calling in the summer, plenty of festivals and a student population whose parents regularly visit.

The arrival of the pandemic was challenging for us and we changed how the business was run. The cost of living crisis also has an impact.

But for people who wish to enjoy Cornish food and drink as well as share it with friends and family we are still a destination for people. Most of our products have provenance or a makers story to tell which we are unafraid  to tell to customers.