A Gift from Cornwall

Five Years

Posted on: 1st February 2024

On 1 February 2019 I drove to Falmouth from Exeter because Cornwall had been visited by snow the day before.

So in the afternoon of 1 February I got the keys to the shop, from Helen and Michael Macdonald. This was the start of our story running the little pink shop.
We have never taken anything for granted, we have worked hard found and followed suppliers on Instagram, met suppliers at markets and trade shows.
But always kept honest to the fact that we are called A Gift From Cornwall and so this is where our Cornish food products should be produced and sourced from.

During the last 4 years we have operated through a global pandemic, many storms of bad weather and endless hours of queuing on the on roads.  

Our mission has always been to be sure where alcohol is made but also where chutney, sauces, jam, chocolate and fudge are made. Unlike other Cornish food and drink shops we don’t carry products from Devon or other counties.
Some times we have been approached by our wholesaler for advice on the quality of products after we have previously gone to producers directly.

We are a different kind of shop for you to find a gift bag or hamper to make up to your own specifications, and love to talk to our customers and tell the stories of our products.  Many of this products have become family favourites but also customer favourites.