A Gift from Cornwall

Christmas Foodie Assortment


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Have you come across people who you are never sure what to buy at Christmas, you know they like food but you are not sure of their favourites.

We have put together this assortment for you with the hope that we have most of your options covered.

There is Cornish Orchards Farmhouse Cider and you can snack on the Halzephron spiced nuts while they think what to cook.

Wild garlic pasta is included which is made just outside Falmouth by Cornwall Pasta

  • add the pulled pork for a luscious sauce,
  • or the Cornish Larder Chilli Jam if they want more heat to their pasta sauce,
  • or finally BBQ sauce for the adventurous cook.

After the meal with a cup of Cornish Columbian Coffee with some Chocolarder Chocolate, or a Simply Cornish handmade Ginger Fairing.

  • Cornish Charcuterie Marinated Pulled Pork
  • Cornish Orchards Farmhouse Cider
  • Halzephron Sweet and Spicy Nut Selection
  • Cornwall Pasta Wild Garlic Campanelle
  • Cornish Larder Chilli Jam
  • Simply Cornish Ginger Fairings 
  • Cornish Larder Smokey  BBQ sauce
  • Cornish Coffee Columbian Smooth
  • Chocolarder Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh