A Gift from Cornwall

Cornish Larder Strawberry Jam with Tarquins Gin



The Cornish Larder began life in 2018 by a young Cornish Chef, Jake Kendall. He started producing small batches of preserves at home, testing recipes and combining flavour combinations. He then got in contact with  Cornish alcohol producers, learning more about their products and how we can combine them within our jars. In March 2018, he began selling! St Ives farmers market gave us a table, selling our tasty jars to locals and tourists!

Here at The Cornish Larder we believe that local is best and that’s why we use Tarquin’s Gin in our jams and marmalades. Not only is it Cornish but it has also been voted the ‘Best Gin’ at the World Spirits Competition so we just had to get our hands on it and use it in our products.

Having Strawberry and Tarquin’s Gin Jam on your toast is the perfect way to start the day or you can use it the good ol’ Cornish way on a Cornish Cream Tea.