A Gift from Cornwall

Cornish Sea Salt Pinch Pot Gift Set


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A great pinch pot kit that will add extra flavour and taste to your meals.

This Cornish Sea Salt set contains 3 pinch pots; Chilli, Onion and Garlic.

Chilli 50g – Ingredients: Cornish Sea Salt® (40.5%), Santa Cruz chilli blend (14%), (chiili, cumin (10%), salt, oregano, garlic powder), garlic, onion, red bell pepper, crushed chillies (6.5%), tomato, jalapeno chilli (3.5%), rapeseed oil.

Fresh and Zesty – Ingredients Cornish Sea Salt ® (70%), Onion (20),Roasted Garlic(3%), Lemon Peel (2%),Thyme (2%) Lemon Oil (2%), Parsley (1%)

Garlic 55g – Ingredients: Cornish Sea Salt® (82%), roasted garlic (18%).