A Gift from Cornwall

Nine Maidens Cornish Honey – 454g Set


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Nine Maidens Cornish honey is delicious due to it’s multi floral characteristics which means you can enjoy a Cornish honey that has a distinct flavour.

The honey is collected and bottled only from Nine Maidens own hives in West Cornwall. Nine Maidens are proud to say that several of their apiaries are located on organically managed and National Trust land.

Set honey tastes great when spread thickly onto fresh bread or toast.

Nine Maidens Cornish honey is also available in clear ‘runny’.

Did you know? – All pure honey will eventually set, however you can restore it to it’s runny state by simply heating gently. Remove the lid and place in a microwave and heat on a low until the honey becomes clear again. Please be careful and avoid overheating and remember the centre can become quite hot.