A Gift from Cornwall

Tregothnan Classic Tea – 25 sachet


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Tregothnan has been home to the Boscawen family since 1335. This private estate in Cornwall is located on the banks of the river Fal. It is internationally known as the home of English tea. Tea bushes, or Camellia sinensis, thrive at this Cornish estate thanks to our micro climate.

Tregothanan Classic Tea is a satisfying blend of exclusive hand-plucked Tregothnan leaves with the finest Assam and China-type leaves. Simply delicious with a bold and full-bodied flavour and reminiscent of a traditional Darjeeling.


Classic tea bags delicious blend of hand-plucked, homegrown tea from Tregothnan and the finest Assam Tea from India. This tea is dairy-free, gluten-free, and suitable for vegetarians and vegans.